Terms of online booking and service provision

Reservations must be made at least 12 hours before the service is to be provided, otherwise the service cannot be guaranteed. If the time in advance is less than 12 hours, you can contact us by phone 24 hours a day to make your reservation.

Reservations must be confirmed by us, as long as they comply with the conditions mentioned here, otherwise the service will be cancelled and the amount paid will be refunded if it has been paid.

We reserve the right to cancel a service if the information indicated by the client when booking is wrong or false, as well as if the booking includes special conditions not previously indicated.

In the event of a delay in your flight or train, we undertake to maintain the price of the service contracted, except in the case of management for lost luggage, in which case the client will be provided with a detailed invoice with the waiting time produced by such loss, so that they can claim from the airline whatever they deem appropriate.

We reserve the right to cancel a service in case of force majeure or external causes.

If for technical reasons it is not possible to provide the service, we undertake to provide a replacement taxi within a maximum of 90 minutes.

If the luggage or the number of passengers exceeds the contracted service, a second taxi will be offered to you to carry out the service, indicating the extra cost of the service.

We reserve the right to denounce any individual or legal entity that makes fraudulent use of the service when contracting reservations. Online reservations have no management cost for making your reservation.

The services can be paid for in cash or by card to the same driver who performs the service, as well as paying online when the reservation is made.

We reserve the right to withdraw access without prior notice to any user who fails to comply with these General Conditions. Likewise, we reserve the right to modify these General Conditions and the data of the Website at any time, as well as the contents, prices and conditions required to use them.



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We are a taxi company located in the city of Valencia. Our experience is over 12 years in the field of driving. More than four years combining and creating a wide range of possibilities in the management of transfers.
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