Security measures in Valencia Taxis

Date: 2020-06-01

The safest thing to do in this phase of de-escalation is without a doubt to use a bicycle or walk to the place where you need to go.

If your destination is too far away for you to use these means of transport, the safest way to get there is to take one of our taxis, avoiding public transport as far as possible. Avoid taking public transport as much as possible. Why put yourself at risk with unnecessary crowds when you can take a safe taxi in Valencia?

Travel safely with Taxis Valencia's safety measures.

At Taxis Valencia we have taken all the necessary safety measures to guarantee your safety and our safety. We comply with all the hygiene protocols in our vehicles to give you total peace of mind in your taxi transport in Valencia.

In this situation of crisis in which we live, we are adapting to a new normality. Therefore, we have made our vehicles the safest taxis in Valencia. Free virus taxis thanks to the following security measures:

  • We provide you with masks and hydroalcoholic gel in all our vehicles.
  • We sanitize each of our taxis in Valencia after each service.
  • Daily disinfection treatment
  • Contactless payment with dataphone


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We are a taxi company located in the city of Valencia. Our experience is over 12 years in the field of driving. More than four years combining and creating a wide range of possibilities in the management of transfers.
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